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Weekend In the Amalfi Coast

Weekend In the Amalfi Coast

How we got there

We drove from Rome to Ravello, thats around 300KM (186miles). Leaving on a busy Friday afternoon means it will take 4 hours instead of three. The whole weekend we used our car, which isn’t the best option for the Amalfi Coast, nor the cheapest option. However, it does give you a lot more flexibility. More on that later!


We stayed in a really sweet airbnb in the centre of Ravello. We found the apartment on booking, it was called Nicola & Magda. Here’s the link . We chose Ravello as a starting point for various reasons; it was quicker to get to from Rome, it’s right in the centre of the Amalfi Coast, it’s incredibly silent and we felt there were less tourists around compared to Amalfi or Positano.

In Ravello we visited Villa Cimbrone. What a place! It dates back to the 11th century and was extensively renovated by Lord Grimthorpe in the 19th century. Romantic period, my favourite. This is the scenic view from the ‘Terrazza dell’Infinito’ (the infinite terrace).


Atrani & Amalfi

We then drove down to Atrani, despite locals suggesting to take a bus. We left our car in a big parking lot in Atrani where there is a pedestrian tunnel which takes you directly to the centre of Amalfi. Atrani is underrated and often skipped by tourists since Amalfi is right next to it and has a beautiful Duomo. However, we did prefer Atrani as it feels much more authentic and less invaded by the mass! We obviously suggest to see Amalfi too, as it is a beautiful pearl of the Coast.


We spent the morning by the beach, which is just a 5 minute walk from the car park. The surroundings does make this beach special. We later walked around town and got lost through small paths and then took the pedestrian tunnel through to Amalfi. You can also get there via the panoramic view but the sun was quite strong and I had to go for the shade option. But if you’re not as pale as me and can handle the heat, go for the panoramic view.

Amalfi has some really nice shops and a lot of options for lunch, so we spent some time here, looked around, got lost as usual (in a positive way), saw the stunning duomo but later left as the quantity of people was quite overwhelming!

We drove back up to Ravello, had an aperitivo, dinner and lights off!

Praiano & Positano

Sunday we had to checkout from our airbnb relatively early and we drove down towards the cost and West, planning to follow the road back to Rome in the afternoon. We wanted to spend the morning by the sea so we ventured for a beach, an impossible quest as you will literally find no parking. Somehow just before giving up we passed by a hotel which had a parking spot and a few elevators which can take you down to the beach. Sounded too good to be true, but it was! We payed, a lot, but so worth it. The hotel is called ‘Grand Hotel Tritone’. We ate the best food at their restaurant and enjoyed the private beach which you can only get to by boat or via the hotel. It was exactly how you would expect the dreamy mediterranean sea to be like. Made up for the whole weekend. It was literally paradise.


Later we drove to Positano, where we saw a lot of shops; some amazing, some less amazing, walked around, waited for sunset by the beach and drove back to Rome.

We obviously brought around our favourite shoes for the road trip in this elegant Italian coast!

Next time we will leave the car somewhere close and rent a motorino, that way you can reach any place quickly and certainly find parking!

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