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Mexico City in 48hrs

Mexico City in 48hrs

If you want to send me somewhere. Please send me to Mexico City. Architecture? Mexico City! Contemporary Art? Mexico City! Want to take amazing photos for your blog or instagram feed? Mexico City! Food? I think you get the point! I could continue but you might get bored.

Benito Juarez Airport can be overwhelming due to long queues at customs. Therefore I try to run for it, I know a shortcut just before customs. It’s funny to see people ponder on wether they should take the stairs or the ramp. People stop and think while agitated because they see other people running and they think ‘where the hell are they running to?’ CUSTOMS. The stairs really do look like the quick way but they actually go round and round and round, while the ramp goes straight to where you have to be.

Once that’s done, I go get myself a Telcel sim-card so I have access to internet wherever  I may be. I usually bring an extra phone. For safety, for internet and for taking photos.

I usually arrive late afternoon, I take it slow as I’ll have two full days ahead of me and the first day is always a bit hectic as I have to get used to jet lag and something else no one tells you about. The altitude. Mexico City is at around 2250Mts of altitude and it’s also warm (depending on the month you’re visiting because it can be cold too). The altitude, warmth and humidity don’t help with settling in as walking feels harder than usual and my limbs swell up (so no rings)l! Anyways, I usually settle in my hotel/airbnb and go get an ice cream in Zona Roma norte (one of the most beautiful districts in the city) in Calle Colima 162 called Helados Cometa. I always walk up and down Calle Colima street as there are really nice shops there too.

Helados Cometa

Helados Cometa

For dinner I usually go to Sesame, it’s by no means typical Mexican food. It’s actually a fusion asian street food kind of place, but man it’s good! Mexico City has amazing restaurants from Asian to Italian to Mexican. It’s a melting pot! Sesame is also in Zona Roma norte. I leave the typical Mexican dinner for the night after as there is a special place for that.

For my hotel I always go for Zona Condesa, I find it very smart, authentic and safe. It’s adjacent to Zona Roma. Where I try not to sleep as earthquakes in Mexico City do happen and often the worst affected area is Roma. I do tend to overthink! ‘Better safe than sorry’ I tell myself. 

In the morning, if I haven’t had breakfast at the hotel, I head to Panaderia Rosetta. It’s always on Calle Colima which by now I know by heart. I hop into an Uber and head towards Luis Barragan’s last architectural work called ‘Casa Gilardi’. It’s quite an experience. The original owner will be there to meet you and show you around. If you ring the bell and he doesn’t appear instantly, don’t worry, he’s probably doing a visit to another small group. It does come at a cost though, around €25 per person and you get charged at the end, in cash.

  I walk around this area called San Miguel de Chapultepec and head towards Luis Barragan’s original House and Studio. For this place you have to have booked in advance, and I don’t mean the day before but a couple of weeks before to make sure I get my spot. It does deserve the attention it gets. 

Since at his point I’m usually starving I walk back down towards a gallery called Kurimanzutto Gallery which you’ll want to visit after lunch. For lunch no other place can  satisfy me like ‘La Ventanita’. Full of filling healthy options and good bears.

Right in front of La Ventanita you’ll see Kurimanzutto gallery. Well worth a visit. If the current exhibition doesn’t seem to inspire me I go anyways because the architecture of this gallery is beautiful and after visiting the two Barragan landmarks I look at it through different eyes! 

Time for another Uber now. I head to Museo Casa Studio Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo. This is a 30 minute drive, so I make sure I have one to two hours to visit their house and I make sure I have bought the ticket online as I can skip the heavy queue. 

Once that’s done I need to relax and have a margarita or I collapse! I walk to San Angel Inn, known for its margaritas obviously. If I’m lucky enough they will also have a table for dinner. However, for dinner, it’s better to book a table in advance. Then time for sleep!

Day 2 is as full as day 1! Early morning breakfast and time for another Uber to Tamayo museum. This is located in Chapultapec park, it’s a wonderful place to roam around. There is a lake where you can rent a paddle boat which is worth it. You can also visit Chapultapec Castle and get an amazing view on the park and the city. Once these things are done, I walk towards the Museo National de Antropologia. It’s a must. This location has also a lot of street food which is delicious. You can sit in the park and relax a while before rushing to your next stop! If on the other hand, you have to leave, you’ve done as munch as you could have! If you have a few extra hours in town, keep reading!

I would hop into an Uber and head for the centre, as it’s where you’ll  find the typical architecture of the city. There you can admire the grand Zocalo, which is the main square, visit the Templo Mayor and Bellas Artes. Dinner can’t be anywhere else but at Azul Historico. It won’t get more traditional than that!

There are many more places to visit in Mexico City but if you do not have enough time its good to stick to a plan.

You’re in for a treat! Good luck! 

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