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A weekend in Acciaroli

A weekend in Acciaroli

I am sure you have all heard of Positano, Amalfi and the Amalfi Coast. But have you ever heard of Acciaroli in the Cilento Coast? Just an hours drive further down from Amalfi and Positano there is a new kind of paradise. The kind of Paradise where shop keepers will talk to you in Italian and the kind of paradise where the only non-italians will be you!

How rare is it now a days to find a tourist free spot in Italy? Where tourist traps do not exist because, who cares really? This Italian town is not in the business to get as much money out of you as possible as other cities do. That’s because these guys want you back, they want you to spread the word and they want you to have a good time!

Well this place does exist and it is called Acciaroli. Legend says that novelist Ernest Hemingway spent a long time here and wrote his famous novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. It is a perfect place for a writer; it is a calm, relaxing place where you can spend your time thinking and looking out at sea. In fact, it’s a perfect place for any creative person that needs time off or a time-out!


Lets start from where you should stay is the hotel I always go back to. It has the friendliest staff I have ever met and the most delicious food I have eaten in an Italian hotel. Everything is so fresh for a reason! Close to the hotel there is place called ‘Tenuta degli Eremi’ which is owned by the same Hotel owners. This is where the magic happens. Productions of Aloe Vera to Honey to Marmalades to Olive Oil and much more, come from their land. Everything is produced in this Estate and brought to the hotel for the clients to consume. These products can also be bought if a client would like to bring some home. Their instagram is great too. Take a look!



I find this place great for couples destination too. It has great restaurants, bars where you can have amazing aperitifs and special ice creams. When I say special I mean one bar has invented its own flavour made with almonds and won a prize for it. As mentioned in my ‘How to Order Gelato’ blog, almonds are mostly cultivated in the south of Italy and Acciaroli is one of the places. This ice cream shop is called Meeting and the coffee is something so good I can’t even begin to describe it. Certainly intense!

A place I love is called Jazzy, where you can have your Italian Spritz which comes with a huge board of delicious things you can munch on while you sip your cocktail. The cool thing about this place is that you can have this ‘Aperitivo’ on a small fishing boat. Quite romantic I think.

Of course once you’re in Acciaroli I strongly advise to rent a boat through these guys here; Blue Marine Noleggio Barche. You can rent 90% of their boats without a nautical licence as it is not required for these kind of ‘smaller’ boats. I also strongly advise you to check their instagram here. There is no way you can miss out on the beauty of this virgin coast of Italy. You will be flabbergasted! The photos below show what you can see in half a days trip with a self-drive boat. If you do not feel like you can drive a boat by yourself, there is the option of asking the owner of these boats to take you as your guide. Obviously this has an additional cost but even so, well worth it.

If I were you, I would go in September, as August is quite busy and in September you’ll get more time to enjoy these places with less crowds! Last time I went was in October, and yes, you can still jump in the sea as the weather down in Acciaroli is still perfect!

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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