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How to wear sunglasses - The Italian Way

How to wear sunglasses - The Italian Way

It’s sunny and you have to wear your sunglasses, but do they suit you? How do you pick the right sunglasses for your head shape?! Wear them with a hat? No hat? SO MANY QUESTIONS! But wait, how do Italians wear their sunglasses?

Let’s start from the occasion. Sunglasses and a suit? Yes please!

Sunglasses by the beach? Obviously

Sunglasses in the city? Yes! But there’s a way.

Let me tell you which sunglasses are the best first, obviously made in Italy: L.G.R hard to beat these guys. Made in Italy, worn around the world by celebrities, royalty none the less and obviously by Italians too.

My favourite are timeless, round, light coloured lens, gorgeous pieces!

The way to know if sunglasses suit you are when the pair you are wearing show a tiny bit of cheekbone and a tiny bit of eyebrows. If there’s too much brow or too little cheekbone; not good!


See what I mean about the cheekbone/brow ratio?

Now imagine you’re wearing a black suit. Would you wear red sunglasses? You could, but it wouldn’t look good. You have to pick the colour right for your skin tone and the clothes you’re wearing. Imagine yourself as a whole image when you are looking at yourself in the mirror. Every detail counts!

For me it’s easy. I always pick out tortoise shell coloured sunglasses (dark coloured or light coloured) like the ones above. They compliment my skin tone and hair/beard tones. Also I wear blue a lot so there’s a cool contrast.

The lens are important too. I am not a fan of mirrored shades but that’s just my taste. For my pair I picked out a light green shade for a few reasons:

  1. Light shaded lens - So when I drive I never have to take them off when I go through tunnels.

  2. It compliments the light brown tortoise shell frames

  3. It compliments my colours (beard, hair, skin)

That’s how to pick your sunglasses and that’s how an Italian would pick out his sunglasses!


These are my L.G.R’s needed for when the sun is stronger and I need higher protection!

L.G.R - Model - Reunion

L.G.R - Model - Reunion

Good luck!

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