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How To Eat Pizza - The Italian Way

How To Eat Pizza - The Italian Way

Guys, have you ever seen someone eat a burger with forks and knives? Maybe, but that’s not the way! Same with pizza’s!

There’s a proper way do this and there are various ways to do it too! Let me tell you how to eat pizza in Italy.


One way is called ‘portafoglio’ which means ‘wallet’. Yes, wallet as in the place you put your cash in. This is obviously a metaphor but the reason is that you have to fold the big round pizza in four and you get a mega slice of pizza, so tasty. Folding the big circle in half you get a semicircle, you then fold again and you get a triangle or ‘portafoglio’ all the good stuff is inside, just like your wallet!

The other way, is by asking the pizza person (‘pizzaiolo’) to cut it for you. They usually do so by using a pizza slicer which rolls over the pizza and magically cuts it for you. Usually in 4 slices. But i know you know this already. Most of the times, in a Pizzeria/Restaurant they serve you a round pizza without it being sliced, so how do you approach it?

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We usually use cutlery once. What I mean by this is that you pick your fork and knife up to cut your pizza how you prefer and then, that’s it, no need to use the cutlery again!

What I do is, I cut the pizza in 4 big slices, put the cutlery down and the rest is done by hand! Fold one slice with your hands and eat up! By folding a slice you get so much flavour, it's unreal! Yummy!! The other way is by cutting the pizza in 8 slices so you could find it easier to eat and it’s easier to share. Sharing is caring!

Pizza for two.jpg

When you find Pizzeria’s in Italy which aren’t restaurants, most of the time you will find ‘Pizza al taglio’. This means pizzas are prepared for many people, like biscuits and cakes in a bakery. The pizza’s you’ll find will be really, really long and in a rectangular shape. This way, when you approach the counter, you ask for a piece of pizza. The pizza person will usually hover the knife over this long pizza and look at you for your approval. As in to say ‘is this piece I’m about to cut, enough for you?’ He then weighs in and gives you a receipt to pay at the till. This is my favourite snack during the day for when you have that moment of hunger that you do not know what to do with yourself. We call that ‘HANGRY!’ In this scenario, cutlery won’t even be offered because they will roll the pizza in white paper and you eat in straight away as you would a panino.

Pizza al taglio.jpg

Now enjoy your pizza and rememebr that an amazing pizza you can chose, if you feel like sweet flavour, is white pizza with Nutella! Yes that’s a thing, the salty, soft, white pizza with Nutella is something to die for! As for the salty, normal pizza’s go with the simple stuff first like a Margherita (red pizza with mozzarella) or white pizza with potatoes and rosemary! And remember, stay away from pizza places which have english billboards outside! Often they are tourist traps and pizza’s are frozen. This is not always the case, but it does happen. Try and see where the locals are getting their pizza’s from! What you want is a real pizza made on the spot for you and cooked in proper wood ovens, not electric nor gas. They’re all good but, proper, wood oven cooked pizzas are something else.

Pizza Oven.jpg

P.S. Pizza Pepperoni doesn’t exist in Italy, Pepperoni means ‘peppers’ so if you get a pizza with peppers don’t get angry! What you should ask for is pizza ‘calabrese’ or pizza ‘alla diavola’ these are both with spicy salami!

Enjoy your meal!

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