The showroom lies just 12 km south of Siena on the road that leads to Montalcino. The hay barn, situated within the Estate of S. Fabiano, has been left intact and the collection can be viewed within the frame of the gentle clay hills known as the "Crete Senesi".


Mennell's, Made-in-Italy, represents the elegant country-city look with a modern, colourful and playful twist.

Using silks found in Como, Italy's silk capital, fabrics found in Prato, famous for its textiles since the Renaissance and leathers found in Florence, we combine quality fabrics with the tradition of Tuscan artisan tailors that guarantee the high standards of  Made-In-Italy. Sustaining the Slow Fashion movement; where wastes are down to zero and products are made to last thanks to their high quality and our attention to details.

We also make Smart Espadrilles in Mexico, Guadalajara. Where the know-how in the shoe industry is very high and artisans work incredibly hard to satisfy our needs to strive in perfection and bring a beautiful hand made shoe directly to your door.