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Thomas Mennell is a young creative moved by his countless passions. One of those is travelling, and among all the places he went to, Mexico and Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast are the best ones he created pleasant memories in.

Motors led him to discover new ways to explore the world around him and animals made him discover a new sensibility towards nature. A passion for art and vintage items, together with a taste for the beauty brought him to create a clothing line. Born into an Anglo-Italian family, Thomas found out how to take the best out of two different cultures: the “Belpaese” creativity and the typical English elegance and composure.

The combination of all these features gave rise to Mennell’s universe: an Italian brand of accessories and clothing created by Thomas’ mind and artistry. All products are Made in Italy and they are marked by minimalist and elegant lines, pillars for the ever-growing collection. Espadrilles are the masterpieces of the brand. They are made in Marche, the land famous for its great tradition in shoemaking. Swimwear, instead, is created in Como and designed by Thomas. Towelling clothes are designed by him too, and are thought to be dressed by the seaside or also in town.

Mennell’s wants to share the timeless elegance with a retro allure. An always searched simplicity is combined with a particular attention to raw materials, high quality and refinement. Furthermore, a strong predilection for artisanal methods of production and attention to details: nothing is left to chance. Product’s sustainability has a strong relevance: every item is almost entirely made with natural materials.

Nature has always been a muse for Thomas. Prints on the clothes reflect the inspiration that comes from the stone pine, the coral reef and everything surrounding him. Mennell’s offers all its artistic creativity to its customers, that recognise the avoidance of the banality and the obvious of life in the simplicity of lines and sketches.